There's Plenty of Crying in Softball

On Friday we lost to a team called Beverly Hillbillies for the second time this season. We lost our first game to them by 8 runs (which I thought was a lot until we lost a recent game by 14). But Friday's loss was much more heartbreaking, because we played our best game of the season and were actually ahead for most of the game. Then they came back to tie it in the last inning and they ended up winning in extra innings. We were all pissed.

Even though our team as a whole played well, I personally played super shitty. Highlights included:

1. I did a crappy job of batting all night. I never made it on base once, and actually swung and missed the ball in 2 different at bats. Swinging and missing a slow-pitch softball is totally dumb. That's all I can say about it.

2. I was our third out in 2 different innings.

3. I was also the first out.

4. It was my fielding error that allowed the other team to score the winning run.

5. On the same play, I also managed to injure my thumb, which is now all bruised and swollen:

At the end of the game I felt like I was about to cry. I managed to keep it together during the "good game, good game" part, but as soon as I walked off the field I got all teary. Then I think someone said "Are you okay?" and it was all over. Hello, crying in front of coworkers.

I don't worry too much about crying in public because I've been doing it my whole life. I've cried in front of teachers, bosses, co-workers, salespeople, doctors, cops, strangers, you name it. I cried in front of a guy at the post office once. Another time I cried in front of the lady working the Taco Cabana drive-thru. I remember crying in 1st grade about my penmanship (I thought that the way that I wrote the "y" on the end of my name wasn't up to par). Whaddaya gonna do? It's how I'm built. Anyway, crying is supposed to relieve stress and make you live longer. So at this rate I'm going to live to be a thousand.

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