Softball Game #2

Lost 12-8. At least better than 18-10! We might be ready to actually win one next week.

Or we'll just lose them all and be like the first softball team I was on, The Eagles. We came in last place 2 years in a row. All because our stupid coach was a busy lawyer and never actually held any practices. It wasn't until I got on the Red Devils that I found out people actually had practices every week. I always wanted to go back and kick that guy in the shins.

Our team got jerseys this week, which was great. I also bought pants, socks, cleats and batting gloves last week at Big 5. My pants are a youth large, and might actually be football pants. I don't care! They look good!

Highlights for me at this week's game included hitting a nice line drive, bloodying my knee, and catching an infield pop-up, which is exactly the kind of thing I dread and the whole reason I'm reading The Mental Game of Baseball. I was so excited after I caught it, I did a little victory dance. Todd said I was showboating. Sigh.

We also decided that the other team was trying to cheat and that the umps were being unfair. Three different times we got called out on rules that we didn't know about: (1) runner can't leave the base before the ball has left the pitcher's hand, (2) runner can't stop between bases even if they're trying to avoid a ball in play, (3) runner can't overrun the bag even if they get back to the bag before they get tagged out. (That last one was the one I got called out on, and I think it's fishy.)

We also took team and individual portraits today at work! Photos coming soon.

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  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    I've heard of rule 1 from watching the Little League World Series. Rules 2 and 3 are very fishy. Does Rule 2 prohibit a pickle? Hogwash.